Land surveying in Heber City, UT, gathers information about a particular parcel of land. This information can be used for various purposes, such as mapping out the boundaries, determining the elevations of the land, or assessing any potential hazards. We will discuss the different types of surveys you should consider performing on your land.

1) Topographic

Topographic surveys are an essential tool for land development, as they provide detailed information about the lay of the land. They are also used to create maps and plans for construction or engineering projects.

Topographic surveys measure features such as elevation, contours, slopes, waterways, and man-made structures on the property. This type of survey is ideal for those who need to determine the land’s topography and create an accurate representation of it. Laser scanning and drone surveying can also be used for topographic surveys.

2) Boundary

Boundary surveys define a property line and its size and shape. This type of survey is ideal for anyone who needs to know where their property begins and ends. Additionally, boundary surveys can be used to detect any encroachments on a property. They can also be used for fence line locations or determining if a structure is within the legal boundaries.
Experts use state-of-the-art equipment like total stations and GPS receivers to determine a property’s boundaries accurately. These equipment determines angles, directions, and distances between boundary points.

3) UAV/Drone Surveying

UAV or Drone surveying is a relatively new technique in the surveying industry. It involves using unmanned aerial vehicles to collect and analyze data for mapping, topography, and 3D modeling purposes.

UAVs are equipped with cameras and other sensors that allow them to capture high-quality images of the land from an aerial perspective. This type of surveying can quickly and accurately measure large areas of land, making it an ideal choice for monitoring construction projects over a wide area and collecting data for elevation mapping or volumetric calculations.

4) Subdivision

Subdivision surveying is used to create new boundaries and parcels in an area. This survey is often used when purchasing land, building homes, or constructing infrastructure. During this survey, the property boundaries are determined by considering all encumbrances, such as easements and rights.

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