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Avoid border wars with accurate surveying

Element Land Surveying provides boundary surveys to both residential and commercial properties in the Heber City, UT area.

Our team is fully certified and insured for all types of surveying. Boundary surveys are most often used to determine land ownership lines. This is usually for construction purposes. Fencing is the most common reason a boundary survey is completed.

Boundary survey results done in Promontory, Park City, Utah

State Of The Art Surveying Equipment

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Element Land Surveying is the number one choice for boundary property surveying for the Heber City and neighboring cities. Our knowledgeable team uses only the best in survey equipment and are certified land surveyors for the state of Utah. We use GPS instrumentation and other conventional methods to ensure accuracy, as well as research property lines to provide our clients with the most accurate information. Once our boundary survey is completed, you will receive the survey, and a copy of the survey is recorded within the local jurisdiction for legal purposes.

Expert surveying using state of the art technology to perform ALTA surveying


Do I Need a Boundary Survey?

If you are planning to make improvements to your property, it is crucial that you have a boundary survey completed. Boundary surveys define the legal limits of the property and ensure you are within your property for improvements like fencing and other structures. A boundary survey can make sure you do not accidentally build on your neighbor's property. Element Land Surveying does the research and the boundary survey to ensure your next Heber City residential project is hassle-free. A boundary survey can protect you from legal claims, making sure your home and family are protected.

Fence in Heber City, UT showing farm boundary lines

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