Summer can be a demanding time for construction and building. The weather is nice and warm. This makes for excellent construction weather! With development plans come the need for land surveying. Land surveying is part of the initial construction plans. Land surveying helps in numerous ways, including boundary lines and the topographical lay of the land. This helps designers create building plans. Below Element Land Surveying will discuss a few different types of land surveying services.


Topographic land surveys are completed using state of the art technology to create a 3-D map of the area. This is helpful when doing the following projects:
• Drainage or Grading
• Utility Design
• Remodeling
• New Construction
• Bridge and Road Improvements

Topographic surveys are completed using methods that can include UAV mapping, which is the best way to complete topographic surveys. If you are organizing a construction project of any kind, a topographic land survey should be completed. It not only allows you to see any hills or trees but also streams and uneven ground.


ALTA surveys are usually required when purchasing commercial properties. These land surveys help commercial lenders see if there or title problems and to understand the property better. In Utah, ALTA land surveys are required by law. Element Land Surveying provides top of the line American Land and Title Association Surveys.


Boundary land surveys are conducted to determine ownership lines of residential and commercial properties. Boundary surveys are usually completed for construction purposes, mostly fencing. GPS and other instruments are used to ensure the accuracy of all boundary land surveys. Boundary land surveys are also recorded for legal purposes in the local jurisdiction. You never want to build on someone’s property. This can cause legal issues, which can easily be avoided with a boundary survey. For more information on our land surveys, check out our website and blog. We are here to answer any land surveying questions you may have!