Warmer weather and clear skies make for a great time for land surveys. At Element Landy Surveying, we do land surveys all year, but Summer is always an excellent time for your land survey. We provide many types of land surveys, and with Summer construction and remodels, now is the best time to have your next land survey completed. Below, we will discuss some of our more popular Summer land survey types and why you may need one of these land surveys.

ALTA Survey

ALTA surveys are completed when commercial properties are being sold or refinanced. The mortgage company, title company, and attorneys will all want an ALTA survey. This type of survey helps by providing an accurate survey of the area to build trust between parties. ALTA surveys provide detailed data so that the best decisions can be made by all parties involved.

Boundary Surveys

Summer is a popular time for boundary surveys. Boundary surveys are needed when deciding to add a fence or build something near the boundary line. You must never infringe on someone’s property. This is easily avoided by having a boundary survey completed.

Topographic and UAV Surveys

Our most popular type of survey is a topographic and UAV survey. These surveys are more advanced and in-depth. They are completed to establish land elevations and field measurements. UAV surveys are used when companies are wanting to build or expand in an area. This can include surveys for roadways, large commercial properties, stadiums, and other larger projects. UAV surveys are one of the most accurate surveys you can have completed.

If you are in need of a land survey, this Summer Element Land Surveying is here for your surveyor needs. We work with our clients and provide them with accurate and detailed land surveys.