Fall is a lovely time of the year and a great time to have land surveying completed. Most projects are not worked on during the Winter months, which makes Fall the ideal time to start the planning portion of the project. One of the first parts is having a land survey completed. Land surveys are used for a wide range of projects, including large construction projects, highway construction, boundary construction, and commercial buildings. Element Land Surveying provides UAV surveys, boundary surveys, ALTA surveys, and topographic surveying.

Topographic Surveying

Topographic surveying provides an in-depth look at an area of land. 3-D maps are created and show the area’s elevation, including water, hills, trees, and other surface features. Topographic surveys are used for drainage projects, new construction, utility designing, and bridge and road construction.

UAV Surveys

UAV surveys are one of the best types of surveys available. UAV surveys are extremely accurate and can cover a large area of space in a limited amount of time. This makes UAV surveys for time-sensitive projects, as well as projects that might need topographic surveying. If you are looking for accurate and fast land surveys, UAV or drone surveys are the best option.

Boundary Surveys

Boundary surveys are generally completed when remodels, or fence construction is needed. A boundary survey provides the exact boundary between two properties. Boundary surveys are required for certain types of home construction.

As stated above, Fall is a great time to start your project with a land survey. Trees are bare, making it easier to complete surveys. Companies are also not as busy during the Fall, making scheduling a survey for your next project more manageable. Whether you are considering installing a fence, a new pool, or a large-scale construction project for a commercial property, a land survey is required.