Land surveying and Winter seem never to be said in the same sentence. Most people would never dream about having a land survey completed during the Winter, but it does have its benefits. At Element Land Surveying, we provide land surveying during all seasons to ensure your land survey is completed when you need it to be. From boundary land surveys to ALTA surveys, we do it all!

Winter Land Surveying Benefits


Winter is a slower time for construction, and this means fewer land surveys need to be completed. Winter makes it easier to find a land surveyor. This can be perfect, especially if you are on a deadline for your project. You can pick the best land survey company for your needs!

Better Conditions

While it may be cold and snowing, Winter can be perfect for some land surveys. During the winter months, you do not have to worry about heavy tree coverage. This can be a significant plus if you are looking to fill in data for some regions of your land survey.

Perfect Start Time

Winter is the perfect time to begin your land surveying for an upcoming project. If you are planning a project for the Spring or Summer, now is the best time to start your land surveying. You can get your preliminary scans completed, and if needed, you can begin UAV scans for topography and 3-D models. With fewer people doing surveys, you will be able to receive your land surveying information faster.

As you can see, Winter is the perfect time to have your land survey completed. From boundary lines for fences to in-depth construction surveys, Element Land Surveying does it all! We work throughout all the seasons and guarantee you the best and most accurate land survey for your next project!