Winter weather does not stop the world of construction planning and development. Even severe winter weather does not stop the forward progress. With that being said, many do not realize that land surveys are completed during the winter months. Winter actually gives a better view in some instances. Land surveys are completed year-round, and some land surveys are completed at different times of the year to see the changes that occur. Land surveys are used for a wide range of remodels, projects, and purchases. Our team is dedicated to giving you the most accurate land surveys possible. Below we will discuss a few types of surveys that are better during the winter months.

UAV Surveys

UAV surveys are among the more popular types of surveys we do during the Winter months. UAV surveys are highly accurate, and baren trees can enhance the survey. UAV surveys can show complete elevation, trees, rivers, and other points of interest that can be crucial when planning a large construction and development project. If you were planning to wait for the Spring, now is a great time to schedule a UAV survey for your project.

Boundary Surveys

Boundary surveys are commonly used to find a specific piece of land’s boundaries. This is used to create fences, buildings, and other projects. Winter weather can actually make boundary surveys easier, as trees and shrubs are not in full bloom, making it easier to see and document lines.

If you are in need of a land survey for your property, a project, or development, Element Land Surveying is the first choice. We provide all types of surveys with the latest technology, including highly accurate land surveying. Whether you need an ALTA survey for a purchase, a boundary survey for a new fence, or a UAV survey for a large development project, we can provide you with the best in property surveys.