Land Surveying is completed all year long, depending on when projects need to be completed. However, sometimes of the year are much better for land surveying than others. Spring surveying is a lot better than trying to complete a survey in the dead of winter. If you are in need of a land survey or mapping service, without time restraints, we would recommend the spring. Warmer weather means less snow and ice to contend with.

Why Should I Have A Land Survey?

Land surveys are completed for a variety of reasons, but below we will discuss some of the more common reasons.

Boundary Surveys

Boundary surveys are usually completed to establish the boundary between you and your neighbor’s property. This is done mostly for fence installation or construction purposes.

Residential Surveys

Residential surveys are often completed before selling or buying a property. These surveys are also conducted if you are thinking of building on your residential property.

Commercial Surveys

Commercial surveys are a bit more in-depth and may consist of ALTA surveys, topographical, and engineering surveys. These types of surveys help to ensure your commercial property is correctly marked, and that boundary lines are correct.

Land and Architectural Design

Architectural and engineering surveys are unique because they are used to show the lay of the land. These surveys help engineers design buildings for construction projects. These surveys are very detailed topographic surveys that often use UAV mapping to ensure the property is adequately surveyed.

As you can see, many types of land surveys are used in many different situations. If you are looking to have a survey completed, this Spring would be the ideal time. With the snow melting and the warmer temperatures, surveying is a lot easier and can be performed efficiently and cost-effectively. If you need a survey during the winter, spring, fall, or summer, contact Element Land Surveying. Our team is knowledgeable, certified, and trained to provide land surveys in all types of weather conditions!